Aftercare & Homework Centre

We offer aftercare to children from Grade R to Grade 7 in a home based centre that creates a home away from home environment. Children are given a healthy and nutrious meal when arriving at the centre and are then assisted with their homework tasks by experienced and trained tutors. We offer access to WiFi, computers and printers for all research assignments and projects. Afternoon snacks are given to our children after homework and study sessions and then our children are allowed to have free time while waiting for their parents.

Study Centre

Our tutors are trained to assist children with preparing for upcoming class tests, cycle tests and exams. We help children create appropriate study programmes and schedules to suit their learning styles. We teach our students various study techniques which include creating study notes and mind maps. All our tutors are trained and have essential experience. We encourage children daily and remind them that they have the potential to excel and suceed. We ensure your children maintain and achieve the best results possible. 

Extra Lessons & Tutoring

Children who are struggling at school often need a boost in certain subjects to allow them to excel and achieve. Our tutors provided individual, specialised one on one lessons. These lessons can be provided at our centre or in the comfort of your own home. We provide our children with a welcome pack upon registration as well as a snack when lessons are done at our centre.

Holiday Programmes

As parents, it is very difficult to take time off from work during every school holiday and as a team we aim to assist you in ensuring that your child is well cared for during these times. We provide fun and exciting programmes during all school holidays. We  serve our children breakfast and lunch as well as morning and afternoon snacks. All our programmes include academically stimulating activities as well as physical education activities and of course fun and exciting games and activities.